Welcome to the Winning Minds Movement


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The Winning Minds Movement is a social initiative which helps people and companies improve wellbeing and performance.  The movement is sponsored by The Waverley Academy

We provide education and training for parents, companies, groups, organisations, educators, adults and young people. We aim to help people develop the mental and emotional skills for achieving,  coping and changing by helping them cultivate winning mindsets.

Our education is based on three key principles:

  1. Understanding the basics of how the mind works
  2. Understanding how emotions work
  3. Using 1 & 2 to achieve positive outcomes in life

Programmes and education can be delivered at locations of choice through talks, workshops, retreats and seminars (or we can provide facilities).

Training and education includes:

  • Wellbeing & wellness
  • Self care strategies
  • Building mental strength
  • Cultivating winning mindsets
  • Developing mental resilience
  • Nurturing healthy minds
  • Preventing & managing stress
  • Helping children achieve and cope in education

The education can be applied in many areas of life including:

  • Careers
  • Life
  • Workplace
  • Education
  • Business
  • Sports
  • Mental health
  • Social settings
  • Physical health
  • Personal development and growth

Our Vision:

“To improve the wellbeing and performance of people and companies in Ireland” 

Not For Profit

WMM is a not for profit initiative. Proceeds from fee based initiatives are directed towards development of WMM, and our social initiatives in communities, schools and society, including:

  • Areas & schools of disadvantage
  • Parent’s and women’s groups
  • Those re-entering education
  • People who face additional challenges
  • Young people and adults trying to get their life back on track

Our Approach

To provide evidence based education that is engaging, interactive and easy to understand. We want to empower people with the skills and knowledge to: think well, feel well, be well and do well.

Who Is It For

Our education is aimed at parents, companies, organisations, educators, schools, community groups, adults* and young people.

*Adults can include: parents, educators, teachers, coaches, care workers- and anyone with an interest or role in wellbeing & performance for children and young people.

About The Founder

Derek O Kelly is Founder of the Winning Minds Movement – and award-winning director at The Waverley Academy. He is a wellbeing and performance coach with a background in educational and sports psychology.

He is passionate about science communication (simplifying complex information) and has also studied CBT, NLP, Mindfulness, Applied Neuroscience, Brain health, Positive psychology, Performance psychology and Stress management.

Derek is also  Ireland’s first Mental Wellbeing Explorer and author of irelands first “Quick Start Guide to Selfcare & Wellbeing”.

He has spent the past 27 years as an educator and mentor in the further education sector, transforming the careers and lives of over 8,000 students, trainers, and graduates – helping them build new careers and businesses.

Derek is also a mental health advocate and activist.


  • Early school leaver
  • Re-entered education at age 30.
  • Turned life around through re-education.
  • Developing education & training in the FE sector for over 27 years.
  • Director & Education Manager, The Waverley Academy (award-winning college- 1995 – present)
  • Founder – The Winning Minds Movement
  • Education manager of sports & fitness programme for FAS & SDCC (1993 to 2005)
  • Author (4 publications)
  • Education partner with  FAI
  • Education Partner with PFAI
  • Educational and Sports psychologist
  • Teacher, trainer, speaker, writer, researcher
  • Mental health advocate and activist
  • Career, life, business, performance & wellbeing coach/mentor

Core value: Education empowers.

Core belief: Understand the mind and anything is possible

The motivation for Winning Minds Movement: To make a difference.

The Winning Minds Movement is a social initiative funded and resourced by The Waverley Academy  – college of hair, beauty, fitness and teacher training –  www.academy.ie