Welcome to the Winning Minds Movement

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The Winning Minds Movement  is a social initiative which provides educational solutions for children and young peoples mental wellbeing. (the movement is currently funded by our education partner the Waverley Academy)

We provide mental wellbeing education for parents, adults and educators so they can develop positive mental health in children. The education will help towards:

  • Building mental strength
  • Developing mental resilience
  • Nurturing healthy minds
  • Preventing mental health issues
  • Raising happy children

The education is a win win, and will help both parents, and children, develop the skills of mental wellbeing. The skills learned can be used by parents to help their children achieve and cope in many areas of life, including

  • Education
  • Careers
  • Social settings
  • Relationships
  • Personal development
  • Mental health
  • Physical fitness

Our Vision:

“That every young person in Ireland will have access to mind education – and understand how it can contribute to their mental wellbeing. And that by working with parents, adults, technology, schools, organisations, and young people – our vision will be realised”

Within that vision, I see the Winning Minds Movement as a solutions provider for mental wellbeing and mind education. Our initial aim will be to focus on parents and adults to help them develop the psychological skills to develop mental wellbeing in children and young people. We see it as a win win situation with adults and children both developing the skills of mental wellbeing and resilience. And these are some of the things we would like to achieve:

For Parents.

To provide mental wellbeing and mind education so they can cultivate healthy attitudes towards mental wellbeing in children and young people.

For Young People

To provide solutions via technology and events – so they can access key education. And to provide training for young people who want to become advocates or educators for the Winning Minds Movement.

For organisations

To provide tailored solutions, train key personal and provide solutions that can be integrated into existing activities and programmes.

For schools

To collaborate with and provide educational solutions that can be integrated into existing programmes and curricula.

We also want our education to have a positive impact in areas of society were it is most needed such as:

  • Areas of disadvantage
  • Females and teen mothers
  • Those re-entering education
  • Young people and adults trying to get their life back on track

WMM Mission

To provide easy to understand education on how the mind works, and how it can be used towards wellbeing and positive outcomes in 5 domains of

  • Positive mental health
  • Education
  • Careers
  • Character strengths
  • Physical fitness

About The founder

Derek O Kelly is Founder of the Winning Minds Movement – and also director & education manager at The Waverley Academy


  • 55 years of age
  • Early school leaver.
  • Re-entered education at age 30.
  • Turned life around through re education.
  • Developing education/training in the FE sector for over 22 years.
  • Director & Education Manager, The Waverley Academy (award winning college- 1995 – present)
  • Founder – The Winning Minds Movement
  • Author (3 publications plus forthcoming publications)
  • Education manager of sports & fitness programme for FAS & SDCC (1993 to 2005)
  • Education partner with  FAI
  • Education Partner with PFAI
  • Educational and Sports psychologist

Core value: Education empowers.

Motivation for WMM: To make a difference.

The Winning Minds Movement is a social initiative funded and resourced by The Waverley Academy  – College of hair, beauty, fitness and teacher training  ( www.academy.ie )