What Is Mind Education ?

We have a vision at Winning Minds : to start a mind education movement that will empower others towards wellbeing.

We want to spread the message that the way you use your mind is incredibly important. That the mind is the most powerful tool on the planet – and can be friend or foe.

We want to equip people with the mental skills and know-how to achieve their goals and work towards wellbeing.

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What is wellbeing ?

What Is Wellbeing

There is much debate among experts about the definition of wellbeing – and in some cases the definitions can leave you confused and without a concrete understanding. I also found that while there is much information about what wellbeing is (or should be), there is not much tangible information on how to ‘achieve’ wellbeing

So the goals of wellbeing education at Winning Minds will be twofold: to inform you on some of the domains that contribute to wellbeing – And how to work towards positive outcomes for each of these domains

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Sabina Brennan – A Champion For Brain Health

Sabina Brennan is a champion of brain health. She’s also a role model for how education can empower, attending university for the first time at the age of 42. Sabina has achieved a phenomenal amount in her short academic career.

She is now an award-winning science communicator and a Dr. and research professor at the school of psychology in Trinity College.

Sabina believes that science is for sharing and has made more that 30 short films that offer practical advice on brain health while also addressing people’s fears about memory loss.

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Develop The Self And Anything Is Possible

One of my core beliefs is that when you develop the self anything is possible. And the journey towards wellbeing can truly begin.

Its one of the main reasons I started the Winning Minds Movement – because our educational system spends little time on developing the mental skills and character strengths needed to cope and thrive in modern day society. It’s a system that’s obsessed with points and qualifications, which no doubt has its merits – but it fails the human system.

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