Winning Minds Movement is a social initiative committed to giving back to local communities. We help people improve wellbeing and performance by equipping them with the selfcare and wellbeing skills to cope and achieve.

To this end, we deliver talks and workshops for local groups and organisations. The underlying theme of these talks and workshops is selfcare & wellbeing and topics can include:

  • Building confidence and self esteem
  • Stress management skills
  • Reducing negativity
  • Improving motivation
  • Developing a positive mindset
  • Discovering strengths and skills
  • Strategies for selfcare & wellbeing
  • Mindset for success in education & careers.
  • Developing Interpersonal skills such as resilience, positive thinking, self belief

The skills and knowledge learned can be applied to different areas of life including:

  • Careers
  • Employment
  • Education
  • Recovery
  • Personal growth & development
  • Boosting confidence and self esteem
  • And can also be passed onto children, partners or family members

Talks and workshops normally last for 45 minutes to 2 hours and in most cases can be delivered free of charge or at a minimal cost.

Typical groups can include: parents, community training, women’s groups, early school leavers, youth groups, recovery groups, rehabilitation programmes and local meetups.

for more information or to arrange a talk or workshop, please contact