Meet Jennifer Reidy – Caring For The Carers and Expert on Compassion Fatigue

Jennifer Reidy epitomises everything I believe in, in particular the power of education.

On her return to college she wrote a ground breaking thesis on compassion fatigue – and hasn’t looked back since. Her life changed in many positive ways when she immersed herself in the study of social care and found her vocation, which involved a lot of hard work and perseverance.

Her research in the area of compassion fatigue was a first in Ireland and has established her as an expert in the field. On graduating, Jennifer worked as a social care practitioner in the mid west for a number of years, where she continued to research the field of compassion fatigue.

Her passion to share this education led to her making the courageous decision last year, of leaving full time employment, to establish her own training company. Her teachings have already gone global, and she has become the go to person in Ireland for education on ‘compassion fatigue’.

Her clients already include Social Care Ireland, the HSE, Extren Ireland, Family Carers Ireland, Engage In Education, University of Limerick, Limerick Institute of Technology, Irish Council for Social Housing and the medical profession, not to mention the latest requests for her training which will grow this existing list.

Jennifer Reidy is on a mission to help the caring professions, but most importantly, Jennifer Reidy cares. She knows the challenges faced by frontline staff – and she intends to protect them against compassion fatigue.

Twitter: @JenniferReidy3 – CompassionFatigueIRL

Linkedin – Jennifer Reidy compassion fatigue

By Derek O Kelly

Founder Winning Minds Movement & Mental Wellbeing Explorer


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Derek O Kelly – Mental Wellbeing Explorer Ireland – Exploits from January 2018

Ireland will have first mental wellbeing explorer image


My mental wellbeing exploits are an extension of my work with the Winning Minds Movement – a social initiative that provides educational solutions towards young peoples mental wellbeing.

My training company and educational partners, The Waverley Academy, currently fund all my efforts.

This report is an overview of my exploits for January 2018 Continue reading “Derek O Kelly – Mental Wellbeing Explorer Ireland – Exploits from January 2018”

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First Fortnight – An alternative school for positive mental health?

 first fortnight image

What can I say about First Fortnight – except for mind-blowing. And for someone like myself… who loves the creative approach for delivering education…  I’m ashamed to say I knew nothing about it.

 First Fortnight is Ireland’s mental health arts festival. It has an incredible array of events happening around the country. The quality of programmes and workshops is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Continue reading “First Fortnight – An alternative school for positive mental health?”

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Death is a strange place for advice on mental wellbeing

Holly Buthcher image

Death is a strange place for advice on mental wellbeing – But 27 year old cancer victim – Holly Butcher – shares hers before she left. Might be your most important read this year

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