My big idea for 2018 is this – Ireland will have its first mental wellbeing explorer And I will be it.

My big idea for 2018 is this - Ireland will have its first mental wellbeing explorer And I will be it image

Yes its time for the Winning Minds Movement to start moving – and what better way – than to explore Irish approaches to developing mental wellbeing.

My aim is to gather and share information that will contribute to the mental wellbeing of children and young people. (although I’ve no doubt the information will benefit all)

The outcome, I believe, will be a bank of information, resources and education that can be accessed by all towards developing positive mental wellbeing in children and young people.

I would also hope these efforts would tip the balance in favour of positive mental health for children and young people – and aid in the prevention of mental distress.

While working and studying in the mental wellbeing area for the past three years, I have been heartened by the great work been carried out – a lot of it going unnoticed.

So I want to take my work and studies to another level and hope that my exploits will highlight the great practices and share ideas that will inspire others.

I have also been encouraged by the network of academics, experts and professionals I have been lucky enough to connect with along the way.

They come from the fields of psychology, psychiatry, education, science, medicine, wellness, tech, business, sports, the arts, media and journalism. And there willingness to connect, share and support have taken me aback.

I believe their work is ground breaking and deserving of a bigger audience – so as the default for our young people becomes mental resilience and not mental illness.

This mission also ties in with one of my big visions for the Winning Minds Movement: “that every young person in Ireland will have access to mind education and understand how it contributes to their mental wellbeing”

My exploits start this Saturday 6th Jan with a visit to the RDS and the Fresh Resolutions –health, fitness, wellness event

Followed by a visit to the BT young scientist on Saturday 13th Jan and onto Galway on Sunday 14th Jan for the BEO selfcare and wellness event (tickets still available on eventbrite)

Talk soon – stay tuned – Derek O Kelly

Founder Winning Minds Movement

Mental Wellbeing Explorer & Educator

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