Another milestone was reached in the Winning Minds Movement yesterday when Emma Murphy became our first ambassador. Its an incredible privilege to have her on-board as Emma epitomises everything that a Winning Mind stands for.

She has shown immense strength and courage to transform her life after an abusive relationship left her mentally and physically scarred – and as a result, had to carve a new life for herself and two young children.

Emma turned to exercise for solace. and in doing so found a new purpose. In fact her love for fitness has shaped her career, and her online fitness programmes are viewed around the globe.

Emma says:

“I turned to exercise as a stress reliever and to help with my mental health. I needed to clear my mind and transform my body from the inside out. I was also down to six and a half stone from the stress and worry of the relationship and needed to gain weight. I had read about the benefits of exercise but I never thought it would give me a new meaning in life and would benefit my mind and body so much.”

Emma became so obsessed with fitness that she qualified as a professional fitness instructor and personal trainer.

“It has truly turned my life around, and now I see a future of hope and opportunity. Its brilliant for my children as well as they exercise with me and you can see how much they enjoy it.”

But Emma doesn’t stop there.. she wants to help others in toxic relationships, and has become an advocate for domestic violence. Her work has taking her to the UN and to schools and communities around Ireland. She has spoke about the topic on national TV and radio and is in the process of completing an academic qualification in the field.

Originally from Ballymun – an area she still adores – Emma has this message: “Coming from Ballymun there was an expectancy that you wouldn’t do well.. but that made me work harder and has made me a better person. And I say this to everyone: don’t be defined by where you come from, or what has happened in the past – follow your dreams – learn from your mistakes – and use setbacks to make you stronger”

Emma Murphy – a Winning Mind in motion.- Welcome to the Winning Minds Movement.


Emma Murphy Fitness Programmes   

Emma Murphy live at her Mind Over Matter Roadshow in Galway on Saturday 28th of April (where I will join her onstage). Event Brite booking

Emma Murphy video chat with Irish Health Hour