A Privileged Occasion & Prevention in Mental Health

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I write this in advance of a privileged occasion. The occasion is a meetup titled Neuroscience & Education. I have been invited to present a social initiative I am developing called the Winning Minds Movement – which provides educational solutions for children and young peoples mental wellbeing

The invite came from a role model of mine – David Pollard – co-founder of Learning Tech Labs – the group I will present to. It’s a group of people who have provided great inspiration in my quest to make social impact – and I am honoured for the opportunity to present.

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First Fortnight – An alternative school for positive mental health?

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 first fortnight image

What can I say about First Fortnight – except for mind-blowing. And for someone like myself… who loves the creative approach for delivering education…  I’m ashamed to say I knew nothing about it.

 First Fortnight is Ireland’s mental health arts festival. It has an incredible array of events happening around the country. The quality of programmes and workshops is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Continue reading “First Fortnight – An alternative school for positive mental health?”