Our Young People Are Gifted – “I learned something really important today… what you think can become your reality”. Read week 2 from Abby, our first ever TY work experience student at Winning Minds & The Waverley Academy

“Week two of work experience and I’m still as excited as I was last week!
When I got here, Derek and I had a chat recapping what we discussed last week and working on my personal development even more.

Every week I come here I learn so many new and fascinating things. My favourite thing I learned today was that your brain doesent know the difference between actual and imagined.

For example, if you keep on imagining yourself in a room doing your exams, by the time it comes to actually sitting your exams you’ll feel used to it and more comfortable !

I also learned something really important today and that is what you think can become your reality. So, if you’re constantly thinking you won’t do well in exams, or you can’t do something the chances are you won’t.

Abby taking stock 🙂

Like I mentioned last week, self belief is really important so saying you can do something, might just make all the difference.

After that, I was helping Veronica print names for the students coming in for their exams so they’d know where they we’re sitting.
Then I did more in-house certificates with Joan and when they were all done I was taking care of the stock in one of the beauty rooms.

I had to make sure there was enough of each product and then I also did a bit of cleaning and organizing, which I actually found really calming. It also helped me learn what equipment is needed for different massage, makeup and beauty courses.

I look forward to keep coming back over the next few weeks and see what other skills I can develop and what else I can learn! ”

Tune in Next week and follow Abby’s journey…..

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