Our young people are gifted – Meet Abby – our first ever TY work experience student

Abby in the hot seat 🙂

 We’ve been developing a work experience and TY programme to help young people develop the thinking and emotional skills to assist them in coping and achieving in school – and also equip them with career, business and work related skills.

 To this end, a small piece of history was made at Winning Minds & The Waverley Academy today. We welcomed our first ever TY work experience student. Her Name is Abby, and she joins us from Colaiste Bride Clondalkin.

Abby will also help us develop and critique the Winning Minds schools programme, and will offer advice on systems, processes and products at The Waverley Academy.

Meet Abby:

“Today was my very first day doing work experience with the Waverley Academy! This morning I was so excited to finally see all the work that goes on here. The second I stepped in the door I felt welcomed by all the friendly people that work here !

This morning, I helped Joan bring in the products for a hair dressing course that’s due to happen in a few days from the stock room. Then I had to prepare the bags for an eyelash course and the hairdressing course which showed me how all the products are put together.
Then Derek and I had a chat going through what I would be doing during my time at Waverley, and what I hoped to get out of the experience. We also worked on my personal development.

One thing I learned from the self development chat, that I wish I knew before, was that self-belief and confidence are linked.

Self belief is the positive thoughts of “yes, I can do this”, and confidence is the action of actually doing it, whether it be learning to swim, doing a presentation or whatever you’re feeling nervous about!

For the rest of the day I worked on the computer typing out in-house certificates for completed courses and sending them on to each student. This helped me develop my communication and listening skills as this isn’t something I’ve ever done before and Joan had to teach me. It’s amazing how much you can learn in just one day!”

Tune in for more next week on Abby’s journey

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