Our young people are gifted, TY student Abby Colaiste Bride, organises beauty workshop

Our young people are gifted, TY student Abby Colaiste Bride organises beauty workshop with The Waverley Academy for 70 students in her TY year. Read her account

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“Positive Thoughts, Skin Care & Happy Abbey”

Yesterday In my school the talk I’ve been organizing for 70 students in my TY year finally happened! Derek and a lovely trainer called Nicola came to my school to talk about beauty and ‘beauty on the inside.’ I was a bit nervous as I really wanted everything to go right.

First, Derek talked to us all about inner beauty, confidence and about how important it is to ‘be kind to your mind’. Positive thoughts are really important especially to help boost your self-esteem.

He also asked us all to stand up with a straight back and with our heads held high to show that just by acting confident our bodies think we are confident.

Then Nicola took over. She explained to us how self-care is a ‘self-constructed thing’ and showed us her self care plan she made with things such as meditating, drinking tea and exercising that help her mind, body, and spirit.

She then explained to us what premature aging is and things that can cause it, such as the sun, smoking, and fatty foods. No one wants to look older than they are so I feel like it was nice to be told what can help prevent this, such as drinking more water, sleeping more and trying not to be too stressed all the time.

After that, Nicola explained to us what moisturizer, primer and foundation all do and told us how some different makeup products suit different skin types better. She also explained how you should do things such as washing your face, moisturize and exfoliate daily whereas you should wash makeup brushes, use face masks and body moisturize weekly.

When the talk was over, I heard really positive feedback from all my classmates who seemed to really enjoy the talk and found it really interesting. I was really happy to hear everyone enjoyed it and found it interesting, hopefully, the Waverley Academy could come back again one day!

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