What Is A Winning Mind

What Is A Winning Mind

It would be easy to portray a winning mind as that of a high achiever. But I believe it’s more than that.

And as part of this movements mission, I believe we should start a conversation around what a winning mind can or should be – so here goes:

A winning mind…
Is kind to oneself and giving to others

Is fit, smart, agile and tough

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Education Empowers – An Cosan Virtual Community College & Liz Waters

Liz Waters had a vison…. to empower people in Tallaght through education. She achieved her vision, and much more, with her fellow educators at a community education project in Tallaght called An Cosán.

But Liz wanted to make a bigger impact, and in 2014 she took her vision to a national level with the forming of An Cosán Virtual Community College (VCC) – a social enterprise which combines online lectures and assignments with face to face workshops.

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