The Wellbeing Way – A New Era In Schools

September 2017 sees a new era in our schools with wellbeing introduced as a subject in the junior cycle curriculum. It forms another major step towards a ‘human’ education system. One which sees beyond academic achievements and looks to develop the self.

Its incredibly welcome and timely, as statistics on mental health issues and obeisity problems in young people continue to rise.

Wellbeing education is also at the heart of the Winning Minds Movement and we look forward to assisting schools in the future with this exciting development.

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Sabina Brennan – A Champion For Brain Health

Sabina Brennan is a champion of brain health. She’s also a role model for how education can empower, attending university for the first time at the age of 42. Sabina has achieved a phenomenal amount in her short academic career.

She is now an award-winning science communicator and a Dr. and research professor at the school of psychology in Trinity College.

Sabina believes that science is for sharing and has made more that 30 short films that offer practical advice on brain health while also addressing people’s fears about memory loss.

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