Jack Kavanagh – A Winning Mind In Motion

In a previous article I mentioned how a winning mind can mean many different things. It can mean to achieve or cope – or deal with adversity – or inspire others. Jack Kavanagh is all of these, and more; and I had the pleasure of meeting him on Saturday, in a windswept Smithfield Square at the Blue Fire Street Fest – where he sat in the rain and cold to share his story and inspire others.

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The Wellbeing Way – A New Era In Schools

September 2017 sees a new era in our schools with wellbeing introduced as a subject in the junior cycle curriculum. It forms another major step towards a ‘human’ education system. One which sees beyond academic achievements and looks to develop the self.

Its incredibly welcome and timely, as statistics on mental health issues and obeisity problems in young people continue to rise.

Wellbeing education is also at the heart of the Winning Minds Movement and we look forward to assisting schools in the future with this exciting development.

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