First Fortnight – An alternative school for positive mental health?

first fortnight image
 first fortnight image

What can I say about First Fortnight – except for mind-blowing. And for someone like myself… who loves the creative approach for delivering education…  I’m ashamed to say I knew nothing about it.

 First Fortnight is Ireland’s mental health arts festival. It has an incredible array of events happening around the country. The quality of programmes and workshops is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Continue reading “First Fortnight – An alternative school for positive mental health?”

Winning Minds Monday – Mental Strength Can Be Learned

Mental Strength Can Be Learned

Mental Strength image
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In our quest to help young people towards wellbeing – one of the domains we will be focusing on will be positive mental health. In fact it will be a big focus of our efforts, as we believe if you strengthen the mind, wellbeing is more likely to follow. And a key part of positive mental health is mental strength.

But how do we teach our children and young people mental strength? We believe the answer is mental skills education.

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Winning Minds Monday – Positive Mental Health – alive2thrive


There are some great initiatives around Ireland which promote positive mental health – and Alive2Thrive is one of them.

Based in Sligo and Leitrim, Alive2Thrive promotes positive mental health and provides services, resources, tips and general information. One of its most innovative programmes is Social Prescribing which brings together local GP services and local rescources that can contibute to health and wellness. Heres how it works

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What Is Mind Education ?

We have a vision at Winning Minds : to start a mind education movement that will empower others towards wellbeing.

We want to spread the message that the way you use your mind is incredibly important. That the mind is the most powerful tool on the planet – and can be friend or foe.

We want to equip people with the mental skills and know-how to achieve their goals and work towards wellbeing.

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