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The Winning Minds Movement is a non profit which helps people achieve, cope and thrive. We build mental strength & wellbeing through education, innovation & products.

In essence, the Winning Minds Movement is a mental health initiative. However, in the context of mental health, we see ourselves in the prevention and strengthen area. To this end, our aim is to innovate and educate in order to support and compliment the existing mental health model.

We also aim to provide products which will support our mission to build mental strength and wellbeing. These products come in the form of wearables, to include clothing which will provide a feel-good factor.

The products aspect of WMM will also provide the funding for providing as many free services as possible.


Our mission is to help people achieve, cope & thrive (ACT) – by helping them build mental strength and wellbeing.

Our Motto: Achieve Cope Thrive (ACT)


About the founder:

Derek O Kelly is a Wellbeing & Performance coach. He is the author of a “Quick Start Guide to Self Care & Wellbeing”, and founder of the Winning Minds Movement .

He is the world’s first Mental Wellbeing Explorer, dedicating himself to the research and application of best practice in mental and emotional wellbeing.

Derek was also director and award-winning educator at The Waverley Academy, where he helped of over 8,000 students develop careers and businesses through building their confidence and self-esteem.

He is passionate about coaching, speaking –writing, researching, science communication, and simplifying complicated information so people and companies can realise their true potential.

He is a qualified teacher, sports psychologist & mental wellbeing coach – and has spent the past twenty years researching the areas of educational psychology, human potential, positive psychology, leadership, performance and personal empowerment.

He is currently studying applied neuroscience and brain health from The Neuroscience Academy Australia.

Derek delivers talks and workshops – and coaches companies, organisations and people towards wellbeing & performance.

His core belief is: Education Empowers

You can book Derek for talks, workshops or coaching at dokelly33@gmail.com

And find out more at:



Derek is also a mental health advocate and activist.


  • Early school leaver
  • Re-entered education at age 30.
  • Turned life around through re-education.
  • Developing education & training in the FE sector for over 27 years.
  • Director & Education Manager, The Waverley Academy (award-winning college- 1995 – present)
  • Founder – The Winning Minds Movement
  • Education manager of sports & fitness programme for FAS & SDCC (1993 to 2005)
  • Author (4 publications)
  • Education partner with  FAI
  • Education Partner with PFAI
  • Educational and Sports psychologist
  • Teacher, trainer, speaker, writer, researcher
  • Mental health advocate and activist
  • Career, life, business, performance & wellbeing coach/mentor

Core value: Education empowers.

Core belief: Understand the mind and anything is possible

The motivation for Winning Minds Movement: To make a difference.