Tonight is another special occasion. I get to celebrate with The Waverley Academy – sponsors of the Winning Minds Movement.

The occasion is also a special one for TWA – as it presents awards to the their students for their career achievements.

The theme for the night is inspiration and I also get to share the stage with 2 very inspirational people: Emma Murphy and Lynsey Bennet.

Emma Murphy has transformed her life through the medium of fitness and has become one of Ireland’s leading campaigners against domestic violence.   And Lynsey Bennet continues her studies as a beauty teacher at TWA despite a second time cancer diagnosis

The Waverley Academy have been hugely supportive of my efforts to tackle the mental health challenges faced by our young people, and to provide educational solutions towards their positive mental health.

In fact they have paid for everything to date, and have enabled me the time and resources to research and develop my ideas.

It’s a company I started over 22 years ago, but has been driven forward by my wife Veroica and 21 family members in recent years.

However, I don’t think they realised, when I explained my idea for The Winning minds Movement over three years ago, they would be taking on the biggest social initiative ever undertaking by a college in our sectors. I thank them for their continued support and look forward to another very special occasion.

Derek O Kelly – Founder Winning Minds Movement