Community Development – And the hidden hero’s


Community Development – And the hidden hero’s

Last Thursday I had the privilege of attending a social enterprise networking event in Richmond Barracks Inchicore. It was an inspirational evening on many fronts, in particular to see the incredible efforts and innovation in the social enterprise space.

But an enlightening conversation with a programmes co-ordinator at Pobal, reminded me of a time long ago, when community administrators helped turn my life around (ironically, the conversation took place a few hundred yards from where this turnaround happened, on a local Youthreach project in Inchicore).

She spoke about the community development administrators who toil away in the background, (Pobal etc) and wondered if there was a way they could be engaged or informed so as to see or hear the concrete outcomes of their background work.

The conversation played over in my head on my way home, and then it dawned: It was similar administrators referred to by the lady, who guided me towards a programme that would transform my life, many years ago.

And it was these same administrators (in Youthreach), who continued to take interest in my progress over an eighteen month period – helping restore my confidence and self esteem.

And then it struck me: without them I may not be here today.

And the conversation also made me wonder: should we look at ways to engage and inform the hidden hero’s?

Because without them – community development would be rudderless.

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