You may not hear this to often – but confidence is a skill.

And here’s the great thing about skills….they have components… and components can be learned.

So if confidence is a skill…and skills have components – what are the components of confidence? Well as it turns out – all the components reside within you. Yes, the components of confidence are under your control.

And here they are – the three components of confidence are thoughts, visions and actions. It’s as simple as that. The thoughts and actions are most important but the vision can bring the thoughts to life.

So how do we develop these components?

Well before we look at developing them, we need to look at a truism of confidence: confidence is situational. In other words, we only require confidence in certain situations.

So for certain situations you will need to summon up confidence; and that’s where the thoughts start. Your thoughts will conjure up a reason or motivation for wanting to get confident – and the confidence process has begun.

It could be as simple as thinking… ‘I would love to be great at that’ or ‘I think I will have a go at that’. Yes – a simple thought is the first component of confidence.

But there can be many reasons for wanting to get confident – and the thought process is the first step towards the second step; action. And heres the thing about action: action is the larger part of the equation. In other words, confidence is a lot more about actions.

Action gets things done. If your not prepared to take action – your thoughts remain thoughts – and your vision remains vision. Yes, your reason or motivation needs to be strong enough for confidence to follow.

But the message to remember is this: getting confident is in your control. Confidence is a skill – and skills can be learned. And if your reason or motivation is strong enough – the confidence will follow.

DOK – founder WMM