My core belief was reinforced again: education empowers. It happened following a series of four workshops in Roslyn Park College – an education facility for persons who need specialist support.

The title of the programme was ‘Mindset for Success’ (in education, careers & wellness). However, the underlying theme was to raise confidence levels for students who have been thrown a curve ball – and face challenges that most of us don’t. Challenges such as injury, illness, and disability. But the biggest challenge they face is a system that doesn’t cater for differences.

So thank the lord for places like NLN and visionaries like Jennifer Lynch, who teaches there. It was people like herself who turned my life around. That was twenty-seven years ago, and it led to an obsession with teaching, human potential, and education.

It was inspiring to be able to share what I’ve learned over the years, and the approach I used in Roslyn was a simple one: highlight strengths and confidence will follow. And it worked.

We spent the first 2 workshops discussing passions, skills, gratitude, and self-respect, and how focusing on these can change your mindset. In essence, discussing these topics leads to the identification of strengths, which greatly enhance confidence for persons who are accustomed to a society focusing on their weaknesses.

I was hopeful of this approach been successful but never could have predicted the outcomes. Not alone were strengths identified and a more positive mindset cultivated, but students spoke of hope, self-belief and embracing change.

Roslyn Park Students image Derek and Roslyn Park Students image

Education empowers, and providing hope for others is incredibly rewarding.

Thanks to Jennifer Lynch for the opportunity, and to NLN for existing.

Jennifer and roslyn park students image


Thanks to The Waverley Academy for sponsoring the programme and to their webmaster and social media guru Ray Clinton for accompanying me

(more to follow)