first fortnight image

What can I say about First Fortnight – except for mind-blowing. And for someone like myself… who loves the creative approach for delivering education…  I’m ashamed to say I knew nothing about it.

 First Fortnight is Ireland’s mental health arts festival. It has an incredible array of events happening around the country. The quality of programmes and workshops is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

It takes applied innovation to a whole new level – with a diversity of artists from Ireland and Europe creating work that challenges mental health stigma – and lays the foundations for positive mental health.

The creators, JP Swaine and David Keegan, should run for presidency. It’s pure genius. And the best example I’ve ever seen of a creative approach to mental health.

And if ever there’s an alternative school system for positive mental health – First Fortnight should be it.

The events run till end of January so there’s plenty left to see.  

Derek O Kelly – Mental Wellbeing Explorer

Founder Winning Minds Movement


I attended the FF event “In Our Hour Of Need” in wood quay last Thursday night in my role as Mental Wellbeing Explorer – and will write about it soon.