Just had the pleasure of meeting and talking with the inspirational Emma Murphy and I didn’t expect it would have been such an enjoyable and energising meet up

Derek-and-Emma image

It turns out we share many of the same passions in the areas of mental and physical wellbeing. Her life changed in 2015 when she posted a video on Facebook about an abusive relationship she had exited – and within 2 days ten million people had shared her story.

In addition, she had to make a new life for herslef and two children, and did so by turning to fitness and becoming a personal trainer. More than fifty million have now watched her video, and she has become a global advocate for domestic violence.

It’s a long time since I’ve met someone so passionate about helping others achieve and cope in life. She talks on the global stage, makes documentaries for TV, helps people around the world with her online fitness programmes and inspires young people in schools with her story and newfound self belief.

A privilege to have her energy and enthusiasm at the Winning Minds Movement and The Waverley Academy

A brilliant morning and I can’t wait to share the stage with her at her Mind Over Matter road show in Galway this April.