book on anxiety for parents and children

Love In Love Out – A Compassionate approach to parenting your anxious child

At a time when parents most need it, Clinical psychologist and mum, Dr Malie Coyne has written a must-read book. It’s titled Love In Love Out – A compassionate approach to parenting your anxious child.

Malie’s expertise and experience as a clinical psychologist, combined with her parental experience, makes her the ideal author to write on this topic. And write she does.

Malie brings clarity to what can be a complicated topic. Her writing is simple and her message is powerful: anxiety is normal and it can be managed by parents and children.

The book has 6 chapters plus a section with appendices, resources & notes which are worth the price of the book alone. The layout and print size are very user friendly and makes it the ideal anxiety resource for to dip in and out of. That said, it’s so informative you might find yourself reading it in a couple of sittings.

The chapters cover the topics of Compassion, Anxiety, Parents, Children, Reflection and Action

Love In Love Out has a multitude of bite size tips, facts and evidence based quotes, and is perfect for parents wanting to understand and manage anxiety for their children and themselves.

I believe It’s a must read for parents who want to help their children overcome anxiety, and at the same time manage anxiety for themselves.

Even neuroscience is made simple, with a story of Meerkats, elephants and monkey’s for calming anxiety.

Malie brings calm and clarity by pointing out that anxiety is normal, and part of the body’s natural protection mechanism.

This should be reassuring for parents in the knowledge that they can help their children (and themselves) normalise anxiety.

Like many great authors who educate and simplify, Malie has developed a brilliant compassionate approach to reducing anxiety with her SAFE chain of resilience.

I like her approach to self-care for the parent. Self-care can be misunderstood and perceived as pampering activities and the like. But all the evidence tells us that true self-care starts from within, and Malie captures the inner approach to self-care brilliantly.

I particularly like the section on empowerment, where brain meets mind, thinking meets talking, kindfulness meets mindfulness, and anxiety meets creativity. Many trade secrets are discussed in this section and the mechanics of anxiety are made simple.

Malie provides solutions to anxiety that can be read and referenced for years to come.

As a clinical psychologist she believes in empowering parents and young people so they can self-manage their development and mental health. This book provides that self-management to the masses.

The blurb on the back cover describes the book as ‘a bedside bible’, but I think it’s more. It’s several bibles, and includes evidence-based readings, bite sized tips, detailed techniques, great quotes, trade secrets, stories, self-help therapy, case studies, references, resources and memorable metaphors. All that you need to reduce anxiety for yourself and your child

One other thing I should mention, this book is a ‘two for one’: parents and children will benefit alike.

There have been some excellent books written by Irish experts on the topic of mental health and anxiety; and this book rates with the best of them.

Combining science, simplicity and solutions is difficult to achieve when writing of mental health, but Dr Malie Coyne has achieved it in spades. Don’t be surprised if it reaches number one.

Love In Love Out is a book that informs, inspires and empowers. But most importantly – it’s an antidote for anxiety at a time when its most needed. Just what the doctor ordered.