Life Skills Tru Sport

A mental health initiative from the Winning minds Movement

Wellcome to LifeSkills TruSport – a mental health initiative from the Winning Minds Movement.

Lifeskills TruSport is the application of positive education in sports to develop wellbeing and lifeskills in children and young people.

We aim to develop the skills of resilience, confidence, positivity, growth mindset and healthy habits – and to work with teams, clubs and organisations, to realise our goals of using sport as a medium for building resilience, positivity and healthy habits in children and young people.

We aim to do this by merging positive education with sports education. And by educating coaches, parents and players.

Our vision is to help society reimagine sport not just as a health enhancer but as a life enhancer as well.

The initiative has many potential benefits for children and young people participating in sport such as:

  • Improve sports performance
  • Develop positive mental health
  • Transfer of skills from sport to life
  • Improve physical and mental fitness
  • Mitigate against mental health problems
  • Mitigate against physical health problems and illnesses
  • Enhance the chances of sports & exercise continuity throughout life

A pilot programme has been in operation since early 2020 at Ballyoulster FC in Celbridge and we hope to share more information soon.

More to follow


Derek O Kelly

Founder Winning Minds Movement

Creator LifeSkills TruSport