In the past few months, I have been speaking to a variety of groups on the topics of mindset, positive mental health, and wellbeing –and I have been surprised at the number of times I have been asked to recommend related books.

It’s difficult to recommend one because I have read hundreds – however – I do say this: you need to look no further than Irish authors when it comes to books on mental health, strength, resilience, performance & wellbeing.

The following are some I have read. It’s more of a list than recommendations depending on what you are looking for. To this end I would recommend you research any book you intend to purchase to ensure it meets your expectations.

The following authors and their writings span from professional to personal to performance, but all will contribute to your mental and/or physical health in different ways. (note, some of the authors have more than one book, but the images are the ones that I have read)

Dr Harry Barry

James V. Lucey Prof

Dr Eddie Murphy

Dr. Malie Coyne & Lust For Life Little Book Of Sound

Paul Gilligan

Maureen Gaffney

Norah Casey

Niall Breslin

Pat Divily

Caroline Foran

John Kavanagh

Jason Brennan (and Brent Pope)

Enda Mcnulty


Derek O Kelly – founder, Winning Minds Movement