Mindfulness Workshop


A unique and engaging talk that will leave you energised and equipped with a practical toolkit for health, wellbeing, and happiness.


The techniques in this workshop have been found to: 

  • Reduce stress
  • Build positivity
  • Enhance mental health
  • Promote a feel-good factor
  • Develop positive emotions
  • Produce a general sense of wellbeing & happiness

This engaging and informative talk that will introduce you to:

  • Mindfulness and its benefits
  • How mindfulness is used for stress relief
  • Mindful techniques for everyday life
  • Using mindful approaches for enhancing health, wellbeing, and happiness
  • How to share your learning’s with your children, family, and friends

“The arrival of mindfulness to the western world has been a revelation. It has enabled us for the first time in decades, to have meaningful and beneficial conversations about the mind – and it’s role in enhancing our quality of life. Mindfulness has also enabled us to develop an array of techniques that can help in many areas of our life – I like to call these mindful techniques.

Many of these techniques I have learned in my two years of researching best practice in wellbeing, and in my role as a mental wellbeing explorer. All the teachings and techniques are evidence-based from the fields of positive psychology, well-being, and mindfulness.

I have used them in my own personal life and introduced them to many of the adult students who attend The Waverley Academy college. They have helped reduce stress, produce positivity and improve performance and results. The same techniques can be used in many areas of your life – and with a little practice – can be passed on to family, friends, and children

“I have incorporated them into a unique and engaging talk that will leave you energized – and equipped with a practical toolkit for health, wellbeing, and happiness. “

Derek O Kelly

Topics & Techniques To Include:

  • Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness & stress relief
  • Mindful techniques
  • Positivity
  • Relaxation
  • Reframing
  • Meditation
  • Self-talk
  • Optomisim
  • Mindset
  • Journaling

About Derek O Kelly

Derek O Kelly is director and education manager at The Waverley Academy – and founder of the Winning minds Movement

He is an author, speaker, wellbeing coach, sports psychologist – and the worlds first mental wellbeing explorer.

He has been teaching in adult education for over 25 years and studying the human potential for almost 20 years. His core belief is that education empowers, and in recent years he has been speaking and educating in the areas of mindset, positive thinking, and the potential of our mind in achieving a better quality of life.


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