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Reducing exam stress for Leaving Cert students

One of my great learnings as a mental wellbeing explorer in 2018 – was the stress caused by exams for young people. In particular the Leaving Cert exam.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe stress is important. It helps motivate and builds resilience. But it would seem our exam system is causing unhealthy levels of stress.

And while I applaud the great efforts towards wellbeing in the schools, I believe the exam situation needs a more dedicated focus, with psychological skills training at the core.

Helping with this problem motivates me no end. I believe with some basic training, it is possible to help young people reduce stress levels, and in the process, help them improve performance.

In addition – I believe the same psychological skills will stand them well in other areas of their lives, and contribute to resilient and mentally strong young people.

To this end, a big part of the social mission for Winning Minds this year will be to help reduce exam stress and improve performance for Leaving Cert students.

I look forward to keeping you posted

DOK founder WMM