Forget about the usual new year resolutions and do something that matters: gift yourself a MindMakeover. In fact – forget about the new year…start now… you deserve it

Here are ten tips to get you going

MindMakeover Tip 1

Get the Little Book of Sound -an ingenious little book that costs just €5. Simple, effective & evidence based tips. Your mind will love it. #soundeffect www.alustforlife.com & All good bookshops

Little Book of Sound effect

MindMakeover Tip 2

Be kind to your mind. Tell it how good you are. Write down your strengths & good points. Start telling your mind: “This is who I am”. Your mind will be guided by what you tell it – and the mind loves feeling good 🙂

MindMakeover Tip 3

Be kind to others. Share a smile, a handshake or a hug. It promotes a tremendous sense of wellbeing within. And our mind loves the feel good factor that kindness brings

Mindmakeover Tip 4

Believe in yourself. Belief is a thought process. Belief blossoms the more you believe. Belief is just one thought away – and can be aquired by anyone. Believing is the seed to achieving. And your mind loves achieving

MindMakeover Tip 5

Master the art of thinking. Its not something we are thought in school, but thinking is a skill. Use mindfulness techniques to engage with your thoughts. Learn how to master them… before they master you.

MindMakeover Tip 6

Use twitter and follow experts in Ireland who are in touch with the grassroots people. You will get some great tips and advice about positive mindset. Norah Casey, Dr Malie Coyne, Dr Eddie Murphy, Dr Jim Lucey, Dr Harry Barry, Aisling L-Curtain, Dr Olivia Hurley

MindMakeover Tip 7

Practice relaxation. The mind loves having a single focus – it helps it to relax. Keep it simple and think BEST: Breathing, Exercise, Sleeping, Talking

MindMakeover Tip 8

Let the mind run wild. The mind loves showing off and using its imagination. Let it run wild, and imagine what you want to achieve. Then start acting on the imagined, and see how your mind starts to flourish.

MindMakeover Tip 9

Practice optomisim. When things are getting you down, remind yourself they will get better. Believe in better days and better ways. Because they will arrive.

MindMakeover Tip 10

Practice Positivity – make it a daily habit . Use positive self talk. Remind yourself of your strengths and good points.(See tip 2) It can take time… but it works. And your mind will be a far better place to live.

Happy Christmas – From all at Winning Minds Movement & The Waverley Academy

DOK – Founder Winning Minds Movement