I wrote the other day about a privileged occasion and presenting at Learning Tech Labs meetup Wednesday evening.

But there’s another privileged occasion that day.

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a visionary called Jennifer Lynch. Jennifer is a support teacher at National Learning Network, Roslyn Park College.

She is one of the many gifted teachers at NLN who cater for people who need specialist support in education and employment.

Jennifer is also a believer – and believes in the education I am championing – which focuses on strengths and empowerment – and like me – she believes education is not just about qualifications and exams.

She knows those attending Roslyn park are low in confidence from experiences within our system.

And that’s what I am helping Jennifer with. A series of short workshops which builds confidence, and develops the mindset for succeeding and coping in education.

It’s a privilege to be working with people who care about their learners, and I look forward to contributing to their efforts.

Derek O Kelly – Founder Winning Minds Movement