resilience resources, books, people, places, experts, articles

resilience resources, books, people, places, experts, articles

Resilience is a topic close to my heart – and on Friday 25th October 2019, in the Civic Offices Dublin, I had the opportunity through Startup Week Dublin, to present a talk titled ‘The Resilient Startup’ .

The talk was based on my 25 years experience in business combined with research I had conducted on resilience for business owners and startups. It’s also a combination of my research in the fields of mental health and wellbeing, and the resilience research that emerged from both of these fields.

In essence, the talk was designed to equip attendees with an overview of resilience knowledge and skills, and how they can benefit at an individual, startup and small business level.

To this end, the list below is some of the resources I have used and referenced in developing my understanding and practice of resilience.

They are a combination of books, experts, places and articles that I have found to be helpful and credible.

(On Books: please note, some of these books are not about resilience per sae, but have shaped my understanding of the human condition and how it relates to resilience at an individual, and small business, level)

  • Emotional Resilience – Dr Harry Barry
  • Spark – Norah Casey
  • Overcoming – Vicky Phelan
  • Commit – Enda McNulty
  • Secrets of Resilient People – John Lees
  • Mental Health for Millennials – Volumes 2 & 3 – Book Hub Publishing
  • 100 Days To A Younger Brain – Dr Sabina Brennan
  • The Barcelona Way – Prof Damian Hughes
  • Applied Positive Pyschology – Tim Lomas, Kate Hefferon, Itai Ivtzan
  • The Women’s Brain Book – Dr Sarah McKay
  • Mindset: The New Psychology of Success – Carol Dweck
  • The Upside of Stress – Dr Kelly McGonigle

The Centre For Resilient Leadership and The Resilient Mindset Model

University of Pennsylvania – Penn Resiliency Programme and PERMA Workshops – Resiliency Skill Set.

The Open University Open Learning – Free online course – ‘Developing Career Resiliency’


Dr Harry Barry – Medical Doctor – Mental health specialist – Expert in anxiety and emotional resilience – serial author

Dr Sabina Brennan – Psychologist – Neuroscientist – Film maker – Author – Expert in brain health and wellbeing – Award winning science communicator

Martin Seligman – Author – Professor of Psychology at University of Pennsylvania

Resilience programme for US army – PERMA model

Jenny Campbell – Author of The Resilience Dynamic & CEO at The Resilience Engine

Dr Sarah McKay – Neuroscientist, author and expert on Brain Health & Wellbeing – CEO The Neuroscience Academy – Australia –

Simon Sinek – author, motivational speaker and organizational consultant. Famous Ted Talk “Start With Why”.

George Kohlrieser – Professor of leadership and organisational behaviour. Author, Clinical Psychologist, Hostage negotiator, and Founder of the concept: Secure Based Leadership

Dr Kelly McGonigle – Health Psychologist – Educator Stanford University – Researcher –  Famous Ted Talk “How To Make Stress Your Friend” –

Carol Dweck – Professor of Psychology Stanford University – Author – famous for work on Growth Mindset concept.


Conceptual Frameworks and Research Models on Resilience in Leadership (context education).

Janet Ledesma – Associate Dean and Professor, Educational Leadership Coordinator,

Department of Leadership, Andrews University, Michigan USA

Organisational Resilience: The Theoretical Model and Research Implication

The Road To Resilience – American Psychological Association & Health Discovery Channel

Building Resilience Through Group Visual Arts Experiences