I’m a big believer that mindset and thinking are crucial towards mental strength and wellbeing. In fact – its not just me – the evidence is overwhelming – you are what you think. So why don’t we teach the mind? It’s the most powerful tool on the planet and has a massive impact on our quality of life.

Roslyn Park Students image

And that’s the reason I started the Winning minds Movement: to teach people how their mind works and how it can be used towards mental strength and wellbeing.

To this end, I have been developing and piloting mental skills education for two years, and was thrilled when Jennifer Lynch, rescource teacher in Roslyn Park College, asked me to deliver some workshops for her students. I titled the workshops Mindset For Success – In Careers, Education and Wellbeing. I have written about these workshops in previous posts, and how they were the most enjoyable I have ever delivered.

It was also a great opportunity to evaluate and validate the education. And the results are inspiring: Winning Minds do it better


Nine students participated in the workshops at Roslyn Park College, and this is how they rated the course:

·     All students felt the workshops helped them understand how their brain and mind works

·     All students felt the workshop had a positive impact on their thought process

·     Eight out of nine students said they felt an improvement in their self confidence

·     Eight out of nine students said they were more comfortable talking in front of a group

·     Five students rated the workshop 10 out of 10, and four rated it 8 out of 10

·     Eight out of nine students said their self-esteem had improved

·     All students said they would recommend the workshops to others


The students were also asked to provide general comments, this is what some of them they said:

“I am so happy that this workshop came along at a time that I needed it most. I have a lot of anger with myself and the world after my accident. This course has taught me that I have all the tools that I need inside myself to make a difference in my life. Thanks to Derek for being so inspirational”.

“ In the past I would have viewed myself as a failure. I have now changed my views about myself. This course has taught me not to be so hard on myself and to talk to myself positivly rather than negitivly. Derek has been great. Thank you”.

“I loved everything about the course and I learned so much about how the mind worked. One of my favorite things was that we got to graduate from the course with caps and gowns. This was a very special moment for me as I have never graduated before. Thanks to Derek for all he did for us”.

“I never understood how the mind worked. Now I can finally see my potential to be a really great Chef. Derek has taught me that I can be great at anything I put my mind to”.

And finally from myself: Thanks to Jennifer Lynch for believing – and to the students of Roslyn Park College for engaging

Derek O Kelly