Thanks to Jennifer Lynch and the Students at Roslyn Park College for a marvelous experience.

The following is some feedback from students

“I will focus on my strengths in future instead of always thinking of my weaknesses”

“I learned how music can be used for positivity and for different mindsets”

“I am making a commitment to focus on my physical health which can help with my mental health”

“I will use my mind to help control my anger and be more mindful of other peoples opinions”

“Using my mind better will help me be more calmer and relaxed”

“I will be making a positive list to read every day and will be adding to it over time”

“I now realise that I can use my mind to embrace change and become more comfortable when change happens. This will help to calm me and not to become as stressed”

“I enjoyed the sessions. Their should be more of these at every college as young people really struggle with the pressures of society which affects mental health hugely”

And finally: My take away from Roslyn Park College is this: before you focus on academia – focus on strengths, the mind, and the self. And that’s when magic will happen.

#mentalhealth #mindfulness

DOK – Founder WMM