The Resilient Startup

The Resilient Startup @startupweekdub

Two years ago I hit a wall. A proverbial wall of course – similar to that of marathon runners, when they can’t see a way forward, and stopping is the easier option.

Except mine was a ‘business wall’ where stress levels started to overwhelm and bed was better than facing the day. Twenty two years in business was taking its toll and I was low on ideas and motivation.

But then I came across startup weekend Dublin and registered to pitch an idea I had on mental and emotional skills training. It turned out to be an incredible experience, where I won second place and a chance of funding and incubation space. But the accolades were incidental – as what followed was something I never expected.

Startup weekend provided me with the belief and inspiration needed to pursue a pathway I had been contemplating for many years – that of equipping others with the brain and emotional skills for wellbeing and performance.

In addition, it introduced me to a community and network that would literally change the course of my life. In fact, the whole experience was like a prescription for resilience, as it provided the will and determination to overcome the challenges I had been facing.

And here’s the really cool part, it’s now come full circle – and I get the opportunity to speak at this year’s Startup Week Dublin event and share my research and experience on resilience and business. The talk is titled “The Resilient Startup”, and is suitable for anyone starting or growing a business, social enterprises and social entrepreneurs.

Why not join me to find out more and register before it’s too late. Tickets are going fast and it would be great to see you there.

You can register at Eventbrite by clicking this link

See you there; Derek O Kelly – Founder – Winning minds Movement