I witnessed something special this morning: a group of parents taking their young children in wheelchairs, to the gardens of the Happy Pear Clondalkin.

It was heartening to see them laughing and smiling; and all because the team from the Happy Pear decided inclusion was important.

The gardens are a work of art, with the wheelchair ramp winding through the shrubbery and trees. Not to say anything about the beauty of the café with its natural foods, drinks and ethical clothing.

They host wellness events and creative activities for children and its fast becoming a wellness haven surrounded by culture and nature.

And to top it all, they’ve built a museum to compliment the historical site. Guided tours are free, and local heritage groups are onsite to help you.

It’s an oasis of wellbeing and you can’t help been inspired by its creation; and if ever a business deserved success: The Happy Pear Clondalkin is it.

I can’t recommend it highly enough. Forget about where you live; if you like natural food, wellbeing, culture, beauty, inclusiveness and genius – pay a visit.