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Did you know you can train your brain to be smarter fitter and stronger? Yes you can – and at Winning minds we want to help you.

We believe one of the solutions is mental skills education.

What is mental skills education?

Mind education will be a large part of what we do at the Winning Minds Movement. Included in this will be mental skills education. We define MSE as:

The learning and development of mental skills towards achieving and coping in life.

How can mental skills education help?

Mental skills education will help to discover mental potential. It’s like fitness for the brain. Just as you can discover your physical potential through exercise – you can do the same with your mental potential. Yes, your mind can be trained to be smarter and fitter and stronger.

Developing mental skills will help in many areas of life including:

  • Working towards wellbeing
  • Developing positive mental health
  • Building confidence & self belief
  • Achieving in school and education
  • Coping with setbacks and change.
  • Dealing with stress and anxiety
  • Building mental strength and resilience
  • Succeeding in business and careers
  • Prevention of mental health issues

Mental potential is only limited by the time and effort needed to learn and practice. The evidence is overwhelming – the mind can be the most powerful tool on the planet – but only if we train it to be.

Can anyone learn mental skills?

Yes. Anyone can learn mental skills. Once the basic knowledge of how the mind works is acquired, it can be built upon to develop mental skills. It’s the same as

learning any skill. But learning mental skills has a big advantage over learning other skills – as they have the power to make a positive impact on many areas of life.

Can children and young people be taught mental skills?

Yes. Children and young people can be taught mental skills.

For children, it’s probably a case of cultivation more so than teaching. In other words, as the young child develops, the skills are integrated into language, play and their surrounding environment.

For young people (12 years onwards), they start to develop the cognitive abilities to play a more active role in their learning and can be engaged and educated through discussion, activities and self learning.

What kind of mental skills can be learned?

There are a number of mental skills that can be learned which have mainly stemmed from the world of sports and positive psychology

However, there are four (initial) mental skills that we believe at Winning Minds can be subtly cultivated from a young age.

They are: Thinking, Mindfulness, Imagery, & Self talk.

How will the Winning Minds Movement help?

At WMM our vision is that all young people in Ireland will have access to mind education – and understand how it contributes to their wellbeing. We aim to realize this vision by using technology and by working with parents, schools, organizations, young people and key influencers in young peoples lives.

DOK – Founder – WMM