Our young people are missing a vital piece of education; and its called the mind.

I believe that education on the mind can help our young people develop confidence, build mental strength and help them prevent mental health issues.

Education on the mind would also be a major contributor to their wellbeing; but yet – mind education is something our system places little emphasis on.

I’ve talked about this lack of education in our system for years – thinking that someone would come along with a solution – but nobody has. Not in a way that’s accessible and easy to understand.

I feel quiet strongly about it – and believe if it had been around when I was younger, things would have turned out differently for me.

And that’s why I started the winning minds movement.

So here is my vision:

“That every young person in Ireland would have access to mind education – and understand how it can contribute to their wellbeing. And that by working with technology, schools, organizations, parents and young people – our vision will be realized”

Within that vision, I see the Winning Minds Movement as a solutions provider for wellbeing and mind education. And these are some of the things we would like to achieve:

For schools

To collaborate with and provide educational solutions that can be integrated into existing programmes and curricula.

For organizations

To provide tailored solutions, train key personal and provide solutions that can be integrated into existing activities and programmes.

For Parents.

To provide access to wellbeing and mind education so they can cultivate healthy attitudes towards mental health and wellbeing in their children.

For Young People

To provide solutions via technology and events – so they can access key education. And to provide training for young people who want to become advocates or educators for the Winning minds teachings.

So there it is – my vision for the Winning Minds Movement. It’s also a vision with hopes and beliefs: that one day our educational system will include the mind.

DOK – Founder – Winning Minds Movement